To know them is to love them, if you love them you will eat them, if you eat them you'll be healthy, then you'll live a healthier, happier life! It's a fruit and veggie world!
Annie SteinhardtAnne Steinhardt

After eight years on the road, Afro pop-inspired band Pele Voodoo, aka The Wild Women of AfroBeat, eight women from Santa Cruz, California on a mission to heal the world and inspire young girls to be all they can be, were headliners at the world’s most prestigious musical events and on the fast track to fame and fortune with a bigtime Hollywood producer of multi-milliondollar film scores when the confluence of these feisty feminists and the Good Old Boys’Club music industry launched them on a rock‘n’roll Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup Ride. In this swirling rockumentary with its coast to coast cast of screaming, dancing thousands, best-selling novelist Anne Steinhardt takes you on the road with the Wild Women of AfroBeat

CynthiaCynthia Larson

Cynthia Larson, singer and guitar player, was in one of the first local funk bands in Santa Cruz; Forty Fingers. She currently performs with Tsunami band and acoustic folk rock band 7th Wave.  She is remembered in Cappuccino, Mongoose, Skin Suit (with Pat Simmons from the Doobie Brothers) and Transaction (World class corporate band).

Cynthia Larson has a 30+ year career in health, fitness and nutrition. As an experienced nutritional counselor, Cynthia has an in depth knowledge of the health, wellness and nutrition industry. She coaches clients about the benefits of eating well to achieve ultimate wellness. Her favorite health topic is how to get more fruits and vegis in one’s diet. So, this project was a perfect fit for her to sing about those many benefits in a very fun way!  She currently works at The Healthy Way as a nutritional counselor.

Wanda M. ProostWanda M. Proost

Wanda shows up for her life every day. She lives it to the fullest in all the little moments. That’s where her joy lives. She is vulnerable, imperfect and self-compassionate. Wanda is enough. As a mother, grandmother and a widow, she has endured the agonies of loving, caring for and eventually losing her husband to Alzheimer’s.

She has written a memoir recounting her life with her husband as his caregiver, “White Knight, Living with Alzheimer’s Moment by Moment” will be published and in bookstores in April 2014.
“I share my sister Trudy’s love of music and I highly recommend her CD’s as we are passionate about healthy living and eating. Trudy’s music is a masterpiece of melody, rhythm and toe tapping uplifting, beautiful music. Her lyrical songs appeal to all ages and will become a mainstay in your music library. Your children will not only enjoy the characters, but will learn to eat healthy and live a wholesome life while singing along with all of Trudy’s colorful characters.

Keri HintzeKeri Hintze

Keri Hintze resides in Santa Cruz, Ca and has two cats named C.T. & Missy. She is best known for her infectious laugh, and her love for children & animals. She is also a professional message therapist and voice over personality who studied in San Francisco.

Phil WeltyPhil Welty

Phil Welty started playing Steel Guitar in 1972 when he heard Neil Young’s “Harvest” Album. Phil plays has been playing in the same band “the Digbeats” since 1980, and travelled all over Europe and Russia for the last twenty years playing music on short term mission trips with Twin Lakes Church in Aptos, CA and Saddleback Church in Orange County, CA. His favorite quote is, “Jesus Loves Me”!

Terrie & Trish

Vocalist: Terrie Eads who sang with Trish from both from the Escalators and Touch & Trish Pate who has done backing vocals for Dan Hicks and was lead vocalist for local Santa Cruz favorites in the 80’s & 90’s Rush Hour.