To know them is to love them, if you love them you will eat them, if you eat them you'll be healthy, then you'll live a healthier, happier life! It's a fruit and veggie world!


CynthiaCynthia Larson, singer and guitar player, was in one of the first local funk bands in Santa Cruz; Forty Fingers. She currently performs with Tsunami band and acoustic folk rock band 7th Wave.  She is remembered in Cappuccino, Mongoose, Skin Suit (with Pat Simmons from the Doobie Brothers) and Transaction (World class corporate band).

Cynthia Larson has a 30+ year career in health, fitness and nutrition. As an experienced nutritional counselor, Cynthia has an in depth knowledge of the health, wellness and nutrition industry. She coaches clients about the benefits of eating well to achieve ultimate wellness. Her favorite health topic is how to get more fruits and veggies in one’s diet. So, this project was a perfect fit for her to sing about those many benefits in a very fun way!  She currently works at The Healthy Way as a nutritional counselor.



Stacee Akins, NC is a Certified Nutrition Consultant has been singing most of her life. Born and raised on the CentralCoast, she started singing at KingMiddle School in plays and then in the Women’s chorus and the Monterey High School Chamber Choir. Stacee has also sung on various worship teams in churches on the Central Cost. Since relocating to the Central Valley in late 2011 Stacee has done studio vocal work at Wings of Silver Studio with Bishop Robert Hooks. Stacee worked on Trudy Maitoza’s project while in finishing her nutrition training at BaumanCollege and thoroughly enjoyed working on album and hopes it will be a blessing to people young and old for years to come.

Stacee Akins