To know them is to love them, if you love them you will eat them, if you eat them you'll be healthy, then you'll live a healthier, happier life! It's a fruit and veggie world!

A dream realized, a goal attained and a memory cherished, all describe Trudy’s two CD’s; “Trudy’s Farmer Market Kids Fall In Love With Fruits, Trudy’s Farmer Market Kids Fall In Love With Veggies”, and what they mean to her.  You see, it is no surprise that Trudy Maitoza has always been a Fruit and Veggie lover.  Her passion for produce started at a very early age in the fertile Pajaro Valley located in Santa Cruz County, California.

walter-Back-Side_smHer greatest memory was sitting on her dad’s lap, Walter Maitoza Sr., (a.k.a. Walter Whippersnapper) as he drove his tractor through his Fuji apple orchard.  He would say, “Trudy, see Ayden Apple over there, he is going to make a delicious apple pie!”

Trudy and her dad got a kick out of chit-chatting with their apples, bringing them to life!  Those priceless moments growing up on the farm has always been the basis for who she is and the way she lives her life.  Trudy can still feel the earth between her toes, smell the fresh apples being harvested and can distinctly remember her father’s loving, infectious personality entertaining all!

When Trudy married it was difficult for her to leave her farm-life roots.  This is when she settled into creating her own glorious memories, determined to someday share her country lifestyle with others.  Trudy being health-conscious and physically active wanted to combine healthy eating and exercise to her all-time dream of becoming a children’s writer.

As Trudy’s three children, Derek, Lindsay and Tarah were growing up she would satisfy their hunger for entertainment by writing her own scripts in rhythm and rhyme.  Her hilarious yet realistic super-shows amused them for hours on end!  Drawing on her background as a dirt-farmer’s daughter, Trudy soon discovered by naming each Fruit and Veggie character, her kids would get excited about eating produce…she was right on and they gobbled them up!

Now, her kids were eating a diet rich in Super-Foods!  A trick, not at all…a ploy, certainly not!  Trudy’s imaginative techniques worked and they became excited about eating produce!  Hurray! Fruits and Veggies filled up their plates daily and became their family’s foundation for eating healthy.

Little did Trudy know that she was planting seeds to someday become a lyric songwriter, producer and executive producer of her own CD’s.

In 1998 Walter Maitoza Sr. went home to the Lord peacefully surrounded by his family.  Trudy promised herself that someday she would write and pay tribute to her beloved dad in remembrance of his apple-talking legacy.  She says, “Now, it’s a win-win situation as I have created my own Fruit and Veggie legacy for my family, as well!”

 Trudy signed a contract with Otis Coen owner of “Hear The Call Music” in Santa Cruz, California in 2009.  She says, “Rarely do artists collaborate on such an extensive project encouraging and respecting each other’s opinion!”  Otis brought a lot to the table as a Music Legend in his own right.  With his never give-up attitude and his ingenious, infectious personality, he composed all the right notes showcasing all his artistic abilities to the fullest!

Trudy says, “We truly inspire each other to go beyond what is ordinary, and the music speaks for itself!” 

Otis has many extraordinary vocalists and musician friends, who soon were on the payroll.  Trudy says, “It was a privilege and blessing to work with every one of them; their genius and amazing talents allowed me to surpass my lifelong dreams and Trudy Worldwide Music was born!”

Trudy’s two CD’s present Walter Whippersnapper and thirty-three human-like interactive Fruit and Veggie characters sharing their own dynamic personalities, distinguishing characteristics, as well as how they are grown and how they are cooked.  These enlightening songs will encourage children and their families to discover the health benefits of produce.  The lively words full of wisdom and knowledge will ignite your curiosity, leading to a new awareness that Fruits and Veggies not only taste good, but are good for you!

Trudy’s mission statement:  “Let us eat healthy, exercise, wipe-out obesity, toss-out junk-food, and stomp-out bad eating habits!”

 These CD’s embody her spirit and enduring quest for a healthier and happier mind and body, as well as her love for all children and their families worldwide.  Trudy’s CD’s are brilliant, wholesome and certainly ageless.  Kids love them, parents and grandparents dig them and teachers will surely appreciate them.

Trudy and Otis have eleven grandchildren, ages two years to eighteen; Ryan, Ayden, Noah, Emma, Taylor, Olivia, Rebecca, Phenyx, Chance, Jayce, and Linkyn.


     “To know them is to love them, if you love them you will eat them, if you eat them you’ll be healthy…then you’ll live a healthier, happier life!  


Written by: Cheryl Rusconi

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